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Hi, my name is Ulises Montañez and I am music producer since 2008, I started my career producing for T.V. shows exclusively, at beginning of 2016 I started producing for unsigned artists, rappers and singers, that’s because a lot of them asked me to work on their albums exclusively, and at the end of 2016 I decided to help with my knowledge and work to all artists, rappers and singers who are taking their career serious, Making them stand out from other artists.


When you finish your project/album/single, you will be promoted by me on all my social networks, also I’ll send your project to all my contacts in the industry
You will receive the best personal assistance and support that other producers can’t provide, that is because they only want sell you their beats, and I want you to get that record deal
You gonna receive a creative and original Beat, that is because I can work completely with almost all genres and types of artists, to make you sound original and better than other artists, music in not only trap.


The evidence is quite clear. Many of your favorite artists would not be your favorite artists unless a Producer helped shape that sound.


1. A Producer can be impartial and objective about your music

You know that killer riff you just rocked, or that verse that you just killed? It can probably be better. That’s what a Producer does. Takes your sound and makes it better. By cutting, shaping, adding, suggesting, a world of ideas that you don’t have. A good Producer will be someone who is impartial and objective about your music. You all (Producer + band) have ONE JOB. Make GREAT MUSIC. This is your only goal. Since a producer isn’t married to your material as much as you are, they are able to step back and say “this sucks” and “this is fantastic.” These are things you THINK you know about but a Producer will offer a new view on your material.

3. A Producer brings a new flavor and approach to your music

You have one approach to music. A Producer has an entirely different one and this will only add to the creativity. Or the frustration, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The point is that your approach can get stale. It can even become Cancerous when it stops you from innovating and pushing your artistry. Use a Producers suggestions and approach to invigorate your music.

4. A Producer will educate you and you will learn new tools

You should be learning something new everyday when you’re in the studio with a great Producer. How do they approach songwriting? What’s their workflow like? What tricks are they using on the DAW? Observe and learn as much as you can. These are things that you can bring to your own solo recordings and demos.

2. A Producer has a larger network than you

If you work with a Producer, He will probably have a larger network in the music industry than you. Use this to your advantage. Get the contacts out of them. They can offer you contacts to possible managers, booking agents, festival organizers, publishers. This is all of you to take advantage of and use to share your music with a larger audience.


5. A Producer is adding their name to the product and will work to make it successful

When someone agrees to work with you in the music industry they are putting their name with yours. Your success will be a reflection of them in a way. This typically means that a Producer will only work with artists that they believe in and will work their hardest to make sure your record is a great one.

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